Friday, August 23, 2013

Combined Waistcoat

Photos by Mark Ross
What I wore?
combined waistcoat, pocket square, skinny jeans (ZARA)
V-neck white tees, mandals/ sandals (H&M)
tortoise shell sunglasses (H.E. by Mango)
belt (AEO)
iPad satchel (EXPLORE)
timepiece (HUBLOT)
Who will not fall in love with this amazing combined waistcoat? another great find from ZARA when I visit them during their Ramadan Sale in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi. The two-toned combo are just really amusing and the crumpled effect of it, to add more details a white pocket square and this dope tortoise shell sunglasses on the side pocket of the vest . The wooden buttons are so in-detailed and I am so in-love with the camo lining that I've shown before on my Men's collective haul last July. My inner is just a plain white V-neck tees and paired with a black skinny jeans, cropped as usual and then if you're brave enough  you can try this mandals or sandals for some, the color of the belt compliments with it. Carrying my new satchel murse for my iPad, going to show it on my next Haul, stay tune guys!
What do you think this look?  

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